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Credited for the invention of the Athenian trumpet and hailed by the Egyptians as the Guardian of Beer, the god, Osiris was clearly one for mixing business and pleasure. Thankfully, this former discovery, the trumpet, proved to be more a 'work in progress' which would finally lead to the invention of the trombone in the 15th century, and to a wealth of repertoire of all sizes and types of instrumentation, which has seen the trombone popular in many contexts for over 600 years.


This Belgium-based ensemble, Osiris, was formed in 2016 by trombonists Charlotte Van Passen and Adam Woolf to bring world class performances of early brass music to audiences everywhere. Joined by Lambert Colson, Marleen Leicher and Bart Rodyns, to form a core group of two cornettos, two sackbuts (baroque trombones) and organ, the group is flexible enough to present recitals of instrumental music, or join choirs and solo singers for larger programmes. Among them, the core members have a wealth of experience, performing and recording with the world's leading period-instrument orchestras and ensembles. This brings an attractive mix of styles and personalities to Osiris' performances, resulting in charismatic presentations, integrity and flair.



Lambert Colson, Marleen Leicher - cornetto

Adam Woolf, Charlotte Van Passen - sackbut

Bart Rodyns - organ

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The project quartet BL!NDMAN [brass] was created by Eric Sleichim specifically for the performance KINGS OF WAR with Ivo Van Hove and Toneelgroep Amsterdam. The trombone quartet plays sackbuts (baroque trombones) as well as modern trombones and plays Sleichim’s music for this monumental theatre performance, together with countertenor Steve Dugardin.



Charlotte Van Passen - tenor trombone

Daniel Quiles Cascant - tenor trombone

Daniel Ruibal Ortigueira - tenor trombone

Konstantin Koev - bass trombone





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