After obtaining a bachelor degree in both violin and trombone at the Brussels Conservatory, Charlotte Van Passen decided to concentrate fully on the trombone. She started to take lessons with Wim Becu and later with Adam Woolf on the sackbut, next to a modern trombone degree in Amsterdam, Lyon and finally Liège.


In addition to her job as a trombonist at the Symphony Orchestra of Flanders, Charlotte plays with numerous orchestras including the Flemish Opera and Brussels Philharmonic, the contemporary music ensemble Ictus, and with early music groups including Colegium Vocale Gent, Scorpio Collectief and La Violetta, performing in many different countrys around the world, such as the USA, China, Denmark, the UK, France, Italy, the Netherlands, Germany etc. She is also a trombone teacher in the music schools of Lier and Brussels and a guest teacher at the Chamber music department of the Liège Conservatoire.


As a chamber musician Charlotte is a member of Bl!ndman [brass] and Osiris - historic brass.


In 2011 Charlotte was invited to take part in the International Prague Spring Competition and a year later she won the first prize and the Conn-Selmer prize at the ITA alto trombone competition. In 2015 she played as a soloist with the Orchestre Philharmonique de Liège being a finalist in their Classic Academy and in 2016 she became a finalist in the international sackbut competition in Toulouse, held by "Les saqueboutiers de Toulouse" on the occasion of their 40th anniversary.

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